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The Brickhouse Inn was recently honored to be featured in
"Columbia on the Scuppernong:
Historic Houses & The Stories They Tell"
a book by Marimar McNaughton,
featuring the historical homes in Columbia.

Businessman and hotel owner Seldon M. Combs and his
wife Martha built all or most of this house in the late 1890s, and Martha used the two front rooms on the first story (at the time, one large room) as her millinery shop. In 1904 George Hussey purchased the house and added the handsome wrap-around porch and the east side porch. Hussey also divided the millinery shop into two parlors and made other changes. George and Clinney Hussey sold the property in 1907 to E. P. Cahoon and his wife.

Three years later, Mr. Cahoon traded houses with grocer
and country, official, Arthur L. Walker who had a house
further down Main Street. According to A. L. Walker's
descendants, Mr. Cahoon had asked A. L. how he liked
his new home. Walker, who had only spent one night in
the house, said he didn't much--the ducks in the neighboring pond kept him awake all night. He went on to ask E. P.
Cahoon how much more he might want if they were to trade
houses--and the deal was struck. A.L. presumably went
back home that day and moved--and this wonderful
house remained in his family for over 60 years.

In its final--and present--form, this jewel of the Columbia
Historic District is a two-story gable-fronted frame home
with weatherboard siding, asphalt shingle roofing, 2/2 sash
windows with louvered shutters, scalloped mill work on the
eaves and rake, and brick chimneys and enclosed side
porch, and an enclosed breezeway connection to the main
house. The one-story wrap-around porch added by Hussey
features turned posts and balusters, sawn brackets, spindle
friezes, small gables over arched section of frieze
corresponding to the house's entryways, and a gazebo-
like element at the northwest corner capped by a metal (previously wooden) finial. The tile hearth and fireplace

The newly-renovated bed and breakfast has served
travelers from all over the globe. Modern amenities
compliment the traditional decor throughout this beautiful home.

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